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Whole Foods is a proud sponsor of Tribal Fest 13Sebastopol Community Cultural Center

Tribal Fest 13: Halfway to Halloween  



One and All, from Near and Far, to none other than

the One, the Only, the Original


Tribal Fest® 13:

“Halfway to Halloween!”

Proudly presented by BlackSheep BellyDance & the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center


Dates this year are May 14-19, 2013, in keeping with our annual policy of the third full weekend in May and the week

Friday Doors 1:00 -- Show Starts at 1:30 - 9:00 pm  
Saturday Door Opens 10:45 am - Show starts at 11:00am - 9:00 pm
Sunday Door Opens    10:45 am - Show starts at 11:0 am - 6:00 pmpreceding that.

About Our Theme

Just as with last year’s Unicorn theme, Hallowe’en, a contraction of “Hallowed Evening,” today is a celebration of both the Light and the Dark, as without the One there could be no Other.

The modern-day traditions made popular in America are remnants of older traditions brought here by immigrants, mostly from the United Kingdom and parts of northern Europe. Children in the “old country” once went house-to-house, sometimes accompanied by lanterns carved of turnips, to receive alms on the Christian holiday of All Saints’ Day (November 1), which some think was chosen for that date because of earlier Pagan celebrations held at that time of year.

In some of those older traditions, Samhain is a New Year celebration that can last for three days (from October 31-November 2), in which it is believed that the Veils Between The Worlds are at their thinnest, making communication with the spirit realm more accessible. It’s often accompanied by bonfires, which are thought to be cleansing energies. Therefore fire-like colors, which are plentiful in the autumn season, are popular for natural décor at that time of year.

In Mexico the same three days are celebrated as “Dios de los Muertos,” or Days of the Dead. There, families gather at the plots and gravesites of their deceased loved ones and have picnics and tell stories of their dead friends, play music and sing and dance for them, always making sure to leave favorite food and drink on the altars for their spirits to enjoy. Foods and sweets served at that time of year look like skulls and skeletons, & the popular niches featuring scenes of dancing, music-playing and otherwise happy skeletons abound along with paper bag lanterns called lumineria. Altars bear candles, photos, marigolds & mums in bright yellows and oranges.

Do your own research before you come and let it inspire you to create! Then bring your spooky best; be that ghastly ghosts, witches and vampires or light-hearted faerie folk, celebrating skeletons & sweet black cats! How about celebrating a different part of your personality each day?

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All performances, vendor maps, vendor lists with web URLs, all classes with their times, dates, teacher’s names, titles & classroom locations and more are listed in the PROGRAM, available only at Tribal Fest® starting on Tuesday. You can find them at the Tribal Fest/BlackSheep BellyDance booth outside near the Youth Annex steps on Tuesday - Thursday, and indoors near the back of the Main Hall Thursday night - Sunday.


New! Online Interviews!

**Learn more about what Tribal Fest® is in Kajira Djoumahna’s & Chuck’s own words. Just follow the links below. One leads to an interview conducted in early summer of 2012 by Zari of, and the other leads to a 5-part interview conducted by Suhaila Salimpour in late summer/early autumn 2012 about TF as well as other slightly more personal topics, including how Kajira got Suhaila to start teaching her famous classes when she and her mom, Jamila, moved back home to the San Francisco East Bay area from Los Angeles when Kajira was still fledgling dancer!

Kajira was also interviewed in early October 2012 about her feelings on Tribal BellyDance for the Gilded Serpent online magazine, with a possible second part in the works.


Zari of interviews Kajira and Chuck of Tribal Fest®



Suhaila Salimpour interviews Kajira and Chuck of Tribal Fest®

The Beginning








Long Range Vision


Naught But Truth


And, read WRITTEN REVIEWS of past Tribal Fests® here!

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**Tribal Fest® 13 SHOW HEADLINERS are

Friday: Rachel Brice & Datura Dance Company!

Saturday: The return of King Chuck & The Chuckettes! (With audience partici-PA-tion!) - Followed immediately outside the back of the Main Hall by a stunning (and fitting, considering the Halloween theme ) FIRE DANCE performance by our Fire Dance Teachers, Bryan & Emily of Merkabah Fire Productions!
Sunday: Jill Parker & The Foxglove Sweethearts, with very Special (and possibly loud) Guests!


Looking for a vacation rental home or roommates for one? Need to buy or sell a class? All that and more general updates and comments are posted on the main Tribal Fest - California Facebook page, please join us:


See you at “The Fest!”
Kajira, Chuck & Maverick Mahtob







The location is our beloved Sebastopol Community Cultural Center, its Youth Annex & surrounding grounds, 390 Morris Street, Sebastopol, California, 95473, USA. Please remember that we are next to a Protected Wetlands Wildlife Reserve that has miles of hiking and biking trails to get away on for a few minutes.



**Please Note that Tribal Fest® the One, the Only, the Original now starts on Tuesday, hopefully making it even more irresistible to you and your friends and to pack in even more fun and learning!
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**In 2013 we are proud to present 88 different offerings of varying lengths, styles and intensities for all skill levels by 63 teachers, another Tribal Fest® record!


As always, you can take Teacher Training & Certification in Kajira Djoumahna’s BlackSheep BellyDance Format Levels One & Two on the Friday, Saturday & Sunday preceding Tribal Fest®. This year those dates are May 10 (Level 1), May 11 & 12 (Level 2). Look for info at the beginning of the Detailed Class Schedule, Tuesday.


This year only we have a very special and unique opportunity on the Monday after TF, May 20, to hear and learn from both Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour in a classroom setting at The Salimpour School of Dance in San Pablo, which is in San Francisco’s East Bay area, easily driven to by car from Tribal Fest® (which is in SF’s North Bay area) within about forty-five minutes to one hour and fifteen minutes (approximately). Look for directions & info at the end of the Detailed Class Schedule, Sunday.



**On Tuesday night this year is a unique opportunity for even more fun at “Tribble Fest!” Read words from the sponsor, Devon:

What is “Tribble Fest” you ask yourself? Well, it's an amazing evening where we all get to let our Nerd Flags fly free. HP, Star Trek, Star Wars, LOTR, WoW or whathaveyou, we want to see it!

Tuesday night at Aubergine's in Sebastopol. Do you have some nerd-filled belly dance, spoken word, poetry, one-act play or other fantabulousness to show us? I wanna see it. Food and Drink available.

Aubergine’s - 755 Petaluma Ave.

Sebastopol, CA, 95472

Doors open at 8:00 pm, $10.00 at the door. Fun continues until 11:00 pm!

Pre-Sale Tickets at:
and for more info:

jack o lantern

**Our “Trick-or-Treat” Meet & Greet is in the Main Hall on Thursday night from 7:30-9:00 p.m. The teachers will be selling their various and wonderful goodies that night and waiting to meet YOU! Of course the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center will be selling beer, wine & beverages, and Chef Shawn should have his usual delicious cuisine available. Admission is free.


i am the after party

As always, there are After Parties! Now there are three “official” Tribal Fest® After Parties, the one/s on Friday & Saturday nights at HopMonk Tavern are produced by DJ Amar and the one on Sunday night at Aubergine is hosted by Tempest. Both locations are in downtown Sebastopol. Please ask them for information pertaining to the After Parties, thanks!

Here are some details in DJ Amar’s own words:


Electric Vardo - Cosmik Casbah present TRIBAL BREW
An official 2013 Tribal Fest® AfterParty


2 nights - Friday and Saturday - at the HopMonk Tavern in downtown
Sebastopol, immediately following Tribal Fest®.


Featuring exclusive performances by Samantha Riggs, SuperKate, Alejandra Escarcega, Gibson Pearl, Michelle Sorenson, Irina Akulenko, Shanti Jourdan, Hannah Lily, Pixie Fordtears, Molly Morgan, Suhaila Dance Co. + Ramallan's Megahen & other Surprises.


For full lineups, details and tickets, visit


The Tribal Fest® AfterParty has been the go-to place for Tribal Fest® dancers to blow off steam after a long day of performing and workshops – Celebrating the weekend of Tribal Fest®, bringing night-time
entertainment for all of you who travel from around the world to spend the week in Sebastopol for this unique festival.

We offer a different experience to complement the festivities during the day, showcasing a select few performances by featured dancers exclusively performing at the after party, followed by DJ sets and live music with an open dance floor. Electronic Music acts have ranged from Beats Antique to Maduro, Cheb i Sabbah to Dulce Vita to David Starfire, with live
musical acts ranging from Dan Cantrell’s hand-picked ensembles to Beatbox Guitar’s unique ethno-acoustic sounds.


Each year we bring you something different. Different from last year. Different from Tribal Fest®. Different each night!


Here is some information regarding the other Official Tribal Fest®After Party, in Tempest’s own words:


Sunday, May 19th
After Tribal Fest® Event: Live Music & Dance Jam Party featuring The Nathaniel Johnstone Band + Special Guests!

At Aubergine After Dark
It's been an amazing long week experiencing everything that Tribal Fest® has to offer - so come celebrate good times, excellent friendships (old and new!) and get your dance on with fantastic live music in a fun and relaxing setting!


OK, have fun everyone! And remember, you have classes and The Show to look forward to early on Saturday and Sunday mornings!

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